Benefits of a Used Car Loan


People might have prejudices against bad credit car loans, but they can actually be beneficial if you are smart about your loan. Being smart can be defined as finding a loan that fits within your monthly budget and does not have too high of an interest rate. The two main benefits of a used car loan are that it allows you to have a vehicle and it could help you rebuild your bad credit.


A car loan is an affordable way to get a reliable vehicle without putting a huge burden on your budget. Having a vehicle can be vital. Without a vehicle you have to spend time and money on other modes of transportation. This can create a huge financial burden and can get in the way of you ability to execute your daily tasks. A reliable vehicle will get you places on time, and will not suck your money away with costly repairs and maintenance. A loan will allow you to have a vehicle that runs and could help you save money for the future.


Another benefit of a bad credit car loan is that it is a good way to rebuild your credit. If you have a car loan that has monthly payments you can afford, you could slowly rebuild your credit score by making your payments on time. This will help you out financially in the future when you may need to take out larger loans. Once you have bad credit, the only way to rebuild is to make payments on time. Getting a car loan with bad credit is fairly easy and there are many lenders, therefore it is a great opportunity to build up your score.


A car loan is like killing two birds with one stone: you get a car and you get to rebuild your credit score. Put away your or your friends’ prejudices against bad credit car loans and take it as a great opportunity to better your current situation. A used car loan can be very beneficial when approached with thoughtfulness.

Why Patience Pays Off When You Are Shopping for Used Cars



Shopping for a car can be a stressful process. It is not surprising that so many people avoid this necessary process.  A lot of people wish that the experience were similar to a fast food drive-thru.  Although it might be nice to avoid the hassle of shopping for used cars, a quick car buying experience can often end with buyer’s remorse.  While the process does not need to take an eternity, we recommend that people take their time and have patience.  It will ultimately pay off in the end.


The most important reason to exercise a little bit of patience is so that you can find the right car.  This might mean you need to test drive more than one car.  If you want to buy something, then it is good to find one that is the right fit for you.  To avoid spending all day test driving, try to arrive at the dealership prepared.  If you know what you are looking for, the salespeople will have an easier time helping you in your search.


Unlike most purchases, it is hard to swipe a credit card to pay for a used car.  Instead, you have to get the right financing and settle on a price.  Working with the dealership is usually the smart choice when you are trying to find financing.  They will help this process to go smoothly.  However, it will take a little bit of time.  Be patient with them while they work out the financial details of your car loan. During the process, you can ask them any questions you have about the financing.  You can also work with them to get the right price for your budget.  The more patient you are, the better this experience will be.


In a few hours, you can walk out of the dealership with one of our used cars.  This is a small sacrifice of your time to find a high quality vehicle with good financing.

Information You’ll Share When You Apply for Car Loans



The majority of car buyers today do not have money in hand when they come into the dealership. Instead, they plan to borrow or lease the car, relying on a bank loan or help from the dealer when it comes to financing. Obtaining the loan isn’t nearly as fun as driving away in a new car, but going about the loan process can have consequences that last longer than the car itself. As you work with us to put together a good loan, be prepared to share some important information with us.


The first thing we’ll do is to determine just how much you can afford to borrow. We’ll take a look at the cost of financing, ownership, insurance, and fuel. Other related costs include taxes, obtaining the title, and paying license fees. It is important to establish your budget before you start test-driving cars, so that you have a good idea of the car that you can afford. This saves you from the frustration of test-driving a car and loving it, only to discover that you can’t pay for it.


Be prepared to share your credit rating with the loan officer. With your credit rating in hand, you’ll know what to expect as you negotiate for a good loan. The rating reflects the length of time that you have had credit, how well you were able to pay other debts, your debt to income ration, and the various types of debts you have. Some debts, such as a mortgage and other car loans, are considered good debts and will reflect well on your rating.


The loan officer will take a close look at some other parts of your credit history. Be ready to share your full name, your home address, your birthdate, and your social identification number. Other details include information about your employer, your income and other bills, how long you’ve had your job, and information about other employers. You may need to share facts about your bank, assets, and other sensitive information.


As you work through the loan process, remember that if the paperwork is done thoroughly, you will have both a new car AND a great loan.

Car Loan Benefits

How to pay for your car can be a taxing decision. With the different options that are available, you may be wondering why you should get a car loan. There are several reasons why it has been the most utilized means for securing a car. So let us take a look at some of the key benefits of car loans.


Manageable Payments


Paying for a car in cash does give you full ownership of your car immediately, however it can cause undesired financial strain. Securing a car loan allows individuals the opportunity to pay off their car in affordable monthly installments. We desire to work with you to make your car buying experience as stress free as possible.


Car Ownership


Leasing a car has become a popular means of securing a vehicle. Though it may have its benefits, in essence you are making fruitless payments. At the end of the day, you will make payments for at least three years to end up returning the car and beginning the process again. When you make car loan payments, you are making payments towards owning your vehicle. By the end of your payment term you will own your car with no further financial obligations, other than maintenance.


Build Credit


Your credit score is an important factor on deciding your eligibility for various offers and opportunities. Having a good credit score will make it easy to secure different lines of credit and even mortgages. A strong factor in your credit score is your ability to make timely, consistent payments. Securing a car loan and making your payments on time can help you to solidify or even boost your rating.


Though there are other options, car loans have stood the test of time as solid ways of purchasing cars. They allow you to fully own your car by making manageable, monthly payments that help increase your credit score. To learn more about securing a car loan, feel free to contact us online or in person.

How to Get Approved forAuto Financing


You’re in the market for a new car, and you’ve done some research as to what it is you want in your new ride. As much as we’ll all like to pay cash for a new car, for many of us, doing so is simply not an option. For those of us who have to finance a portion of the cost of a new vehicle, the process generally begins when you get approved for car financing.


We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to both selling new cars and obtaining financing for them on behalf of our customers. Because we are of the mindset that everyone deserves a chance to eventually own their own vehicle, we are able to offer financing for a wide variety of consumers with a broad range of credit scores.


That being said, it’s always a good idea to get an idea of your credit score prior to starting the hunt for a new car, so that you have a better idea of how much you can spend and can craft a rough budget accordingly. Once you have a sense of your credit score and an idea of the vehicle you’d like to purchase in mind, your next step should be to have a sit-down meeting in our finance office with one of our qualified finance professionals.


Our team is extremely well-versed in all financial aspects of the automotive industry, and will work tirelessly to see that you are able to finance not just any old car, but the car of your dreams. There are also occasional situations where we are able to offer our consumers special financing deals, such as a particularly low interest rate for a predetermined amount of time.


Obtaining financing for your new vehicle through our dealership will not only help you get behind the wheel quickly, but can be a great way to help rebuild or repair a less-than-ideal credit score. If you’re in the market for a car and are looking to make the process as pleasant and stress-free as possible, pay us a visit and get tracking toward owning the vehicle you’ve always wanted.







Walk in the Door and Drive Away With Our Same Day Auto Loans

Shopping for a car is supposed to be a thrilling experience. After you have taken the time to pick out a vehicle, you have to sit down to work out the details of financing. For many people, the mere act of securing an auto loan is a tedious one. In order to make the financing process much more enjoyable for you, come down to our dealership and take advantage of our same day auto loans.


We have several lenders that we work with. This increases your chances of being approved right away. All you need is a source of income, meet our income requirements, and we can get our lenders to approve you for the vehicle you want. Even if your income is a little low, come and see us. We are more than happy to work with you.


It is a good idea for you to bring in some kind of down payment. The down payment amount does not have to be a lot of money; just enough to show our lenders that you are seriously committed to purchasing a vehicle. We suggest that you bring in several hundred to a couple thousand dollars for a down payment. Keep in mind that the amount of your monthly car note will depend on the car price, amount of the loan, and your credit score. Having a down payment can also help to reduce the amount of your monthly car payment.


If you already know what kind of vehicle you plan on purchasing, shop for auto insurance before you come into the dealership. That way, you will not have any delays when it comes to taking your vehicle home. If do not have insurance when you arrive, let us know and we will assist you with finding an affordable policy for your new car.


We can get you approved for an auto loan and in a vehicle today. We will make sure that your complete experience is as enjoyable as possible.